Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Can Anger Boil Water? 12.12.12

In surveying class this morning, dude next to me asked for my rubber and I gave it to him. I needed it and looked in his direction to see if he was still using it and to my horror, yes horror, he was using the other side.I'll explain better with pictures. This is a lovely new rubber. Clean and shiny and all.

Lovely new rubber

This is how I normally use my rubber. I pick a side and continually use it. I don't use the opposite sides.

Top of rubber normally used

This is what the humpty dumpty used.

Bottom of rubber that silly person used today

Anyway, I looked at him in horror  and told him to stop using it because he was still happily rubbing away. He looked at me with this irritating smirk/smile and said in his irritating North accent 'It's only a rubber' I gave him a very dirty look and he knew I was serious. I took it off him. In my head I was like WTF. Did this idiot just tell me that it's only a rubber? If it's only a rubber, why does he not have his? It is only MY rubber and I have a way in which I use it and you should not under any circumstance use it otherwise without asking for my permission at least. Jeez. I wanted to knock his blonde head. Mtscheww.
I love my things being orderly. My family says I'm borderline OCD. I don't care. I use all my things in a certain way, hang my clothes in a certain way with my hangers facing a certain way. I know when people touch my stuff and don't return them or leave them how I left it. I HATE PEOPLE MESSING UP MY THINGS and then not even apologising afterwards. Isi ewu.

Last night, when I got back home, called my phone customer service to sort out my price plan and all the first dude transferred me to some next department. I got off and re-dialled. Next person put me on hold for about 20 minutes. I got fed up and cut.
Rang them up again today, talked and talked and explained. Finally, someone sort of got it. I have been told that I will get back my old price plan and since this month's bill has already been printed, some money will be credited to my account. I made sure the lady made a note of it and sent me a text to confirm it.

Rang e-bay too. I paid for a SGS3 case. I got an iphone case. I was so annoyed when I got it. First of all, I detest anything apple. I am an android chick through and through. Been sent an apple product was insulting lol. Second of all, I had been looking forward to having this stand case and was so excited when it got through the letter box. Do you know how it feels like when you're expecting party jollof rice and stewed chicken and beef at a party, but all you get is a sandwich buffet? I was DISAPPOINTED. Sent a message to the seller, no reply. Sent another one, no reply. Rang e-bay. They said I should wait for 3 days or something. Waited for a week and still no reply.
Rang e-bay up again today and dude I spoke to kept on asking me the same thing or maybe he was trying to put words into my mouth. I told him that I had messaged the seller and had not gotten a reply. See dude asking me, so what did the seller say in his reply. I repeated myself again and said, he did not reply. He said okay. Told me the whole procedure to go through to get back my money. I said okay, I was fine with it as long as I get my money back. Bobo asked me the same questions over again and asked again what reply did the seller said, I shouted at him, 'HE DID NOT REPLY ME'. He was startled lol and said oh, I'm sorry I did not hear you say so before. I was like say what? Anyway, I didn't want to argue much or get an attitude because he's the one who's going to get my money back for me. I just said okay.

Then earlier on in the morning, got a call. It was a Coventry area code number. I was wondering who do I know to call me from Coventry with a land line. I picked up and it was this PPI people. I wanted to break the phone. There was this time I actually had a conversation with them. I think the person was in India. He asked me if I had taken a loan or mortgage and all those shenanigans and I told him no, my daddy is a very rich man (Is God not rich?) Dude asked me, 'are you sure Miss Ani'. I said yes and cut the phone. I don't know how these people get my number though I suspect it's from Vodafone or Phones4U as many people have been complaining about them selling customer's number's out.

I have an interesting day to say the least but I thank God in all for not letting me lose my temper in the true Ani style.
This is a story sort of write-up that made me smile and reflect... Can anger boil water?

I also thank God for enabling me see a special day like today


It's not a day you come across everyday or week or year sef. I probably won't see it again in my lifetime except I live to be 1020+ and the Lord tarries...
Do I really want to live to be 1000? Do you?


  1. I sure do not want to live pass 100 if that is possible.

    Your call reminds me of the calls my house mates and I used to make to Airtel or the internet provider when in India. It was always frustrating and I just hate it when the wrong item is delivered to me.

    Sigh, some people just make life difficult for us all.

    1. I want to, but I don't want to. If I'm going to be old and lose my mental and physical faculties, then no please. I don't want to be a burden to my kids and I don't want my grand kids to have memories of me been the cway grandma.
      If I'm still gonna be hip and young with everything up there functioning well and still going strong physically, then bring it on. It'll be fun to see how technology and the world evolves from what it is now.

      Tell me about it. Frustrating is an understatement. I think sometimes, they are so bored and frustrated at work that they try to pass it on to us. Smh.

      Thanks for commenting and sorry for my mini-post here :-)
      Love your blog btw. Hope you are feeling much better now? xx


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