Wednesday, 5 December 2012

First Post

Soooo, this is my first post here. *looks around sombrely*

Anyway, I was bored and so I took a Human Metrics Jung Typology Test. Last time I took one was last year or the year before that.
Surprise surprise *pause* NAAAT! (I just watched Borat yesterday and if you’ve watched it, you’ll get what I mean. I didn’t particularly find it funny though. There was some dark humour in it and I had a few belly laughs, but overall, it was hmm. I wouldn’t watch it again. *sorry for the digression*) I am an INTJ (Introvert iNtuitive Thinking Judging) The scores for each of them are: Introvert(89%)  iNtuitive(38%)  iNtuitive  Thinking(100%)  Judging(89%)
  • You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (89%)
  • You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (38%)
  • You have strong preference of Thinking over Feeling (100%)
  • You have strong preference of Judging over Perceiving (89%)
If you’re interested in finding out your ‘type’, click here to take the test
I say NAT to the surprise because, I am an introvert. Everyone knows that. I know that. My mum does not believe I am. 
Apparently, when I was younger, I used to talk a lot and every time she came to pick me up from school, my teachers were always reporting me to her saying I talked a lot in class. I can’t remember talking a lot. Then again, I only remember things from Primary 2 or 3 or is it 4? Then, I did talk, but not a lot. In primary 5, I was very much subdued and my junior secondary years in secondary school, I hated them.

I was an ‘aje butter’ in a military school who did not know how to fight for seats in overcrowded classes and was sort of bullied. Thank God for this girl, Osinachi who took me under her wings till I moved to another military school. In the new military school, it wasn’t as ghetto as the previous one. I spent a lot of time reading in class. I immersed myself in Enid Blytons’ and co. 
In Js3, I read my first Sidney Sheldon. I still love and re-read his books every once in a while. 
Ss1 was nothing special. I can’t remember a lot from it apart from me taking part in sports day and running the 400m because no one else wanted to. I shouldn’t have in retrospect, but then I wanted to be the 12/13-year old heroine of the red house.
I don’t remember how I finished the race or if I finished it. All I remember was I thought my time had come and I was going to die. 
Thanks be to God, I didn’t. I’m still here to testify of God’s saving grace on my life. I never attempted to run again till my family moved countries and I had to do P.E in school. Then they found out I was a 'good' sprinter and blab la bla... I got into it again, but I NEVER ran more than 100m. I did long and triple jump too. I even represented my school’s borough you know. Hmm...I was super duper fit then.
Now, I’m addicted to snickers, walnut cake and Tesco’s custard. The custard is so creamy that damn, I just can’t help it. I tried.
I’ve been thinking of joining a gym close to ours, but I frankly can’t be asked. My mum said she wants to join one too. If she does and she agrees to pay for me, I’ll be her gym companion. I have been trying to walk more instead of getting lifts off my parents or taking the bus, but this is the wrong season to start all that. It’s cold, frosty and almost always raining. But I try. Sometimes.

OMG! I have gone totally out of topic. What was I even writing about previously? Before that, do you say writing or talking when blogging? Do you even say ‘say’? I mean, it’s technically typing so... I dunno jare. I can’t seem to get my head around that. I’ll mull over it and get back to it later.

Anyhoo, as I was saying before thought B rudely interrupted thought A, I was talking/writing/typing about personality types...
I am an INTJ. I am female and apparently, there are only less than 1% females out there. *thinks, why can’t they be more specific?*

This is what is said about INTJS. Oh, we’re also called MASTERMINDS, but some other articles refer to us as SCIENTISTS
 I don’t know about either of them though. I’m just me. Miss Ar. Simple.
See how I’m saying ‘we’. SMH

This is what an article says about INTJs
‘They categorize everything and waste time looking at s*** that doesn't matter. They plot to take over the world and hate everyone, even as a child. INTJs can become vastly overconfident and will often times get stuck on a particular line of thinking that destroys their ability to troubleshoot problems, and have a low tolerance for spin or rampant emotionalism, some argue that half of INTJs' intelligence is pure arrogance. They may hide behind their knowledge, rationalizing that the net costs exceed the net benefits in the relationship, and so it is illogical to peruse in one. But no matter how cold they seem, they secretly spend a lot of time, before going to sleep, imagining a guy/girl that loves them. They would be great leaders, assuming half of the population wasn't nearly as retarded as it is right now.'

I will dissect this quote at some other time and relate it to myself.

I personally don’t feel that this is a cocksure for lack of better word to use *pause* NAAT (I have other words, but this sounds better) method of finding out exactly what type of person I am or you are, but it is a way of confirming what one already knows about oneself and or to learn more about oneself. It also could help to know the areas one is lacking in, what areas are ‘okay’ and then, what needs to be ‘fixed’ to if one feels there is anything to be fixed. Or one can simply sit down, relax and live.

I’ll pick the former. I can’t be bothered to ‘fix’ anything now. It’s too late in the night or early in the morning to be fixing things in my life. My first class for the day starts quite early and it’s a long journey sort of from home to school.

On another note, this hasn’t been too bad. I think I just might like blogging. Let’s wait and see how I feel about it tomorrow. Adios!

PS: Sorry for the long post. Is it okay to have such long posts? Oh well.

PSS: I've just had a look at the blog page and it looks positively boring and dreadful. I'll sort it out later on today. 


  1. Yay for introversion........ Welcome on board.. and thanks for stopping by..

  2. :-)
    Yay indeed for introversion. I assume you're also an introvert...
    You're welcome and thank you for passing through too


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