Thursday, 14 February 2013

Oscar Pistorious and Blacks

Soo, apparently, Oscar Pistorious has been charged with killing his girlfriend.
Apparently, he thought she was a burglar or intruder and shot her 4 times in the head and once in the arm. According to yahoo!, 'The estate where South African athlete Oscar Pistorius lives is supposed to be one of the safest in the country. In 2009, Silver Lakes Golf Estate was voted "the most secure estate in South Africa", according to its website.'
South Africa has some of the highest rates for violent crime in the world, with an average of nearly 50 people murdered each day. There are also high levels of assault, rape, robbery and carjackings with some home-owners having to carry weapons to defend themselves against intruders.

Now, some people believe that the blacks in SA are the ones who inadvertently caused him to murder his girlfriend. I had nothing to say until I started reading some comments on yahoo! and someone wrote, 'If the blacks didn't commit 18,000 murders a year there, then decent folk wouldn't need to live in gated communities. That is the problem.'
That got me MAD.

You don't go to someone else's country and then try to run them down/out. White South Africans are not the original South Africans. I don't care if their greatest grandfather was born there, but they aren't to me anyway. Now, they've waltzed in from Europe and American and have settled in SA, they have the best of EVERYTHING and look down on the original inhabitants of the land. There is a lot of poverty amongst the blacks that live there. They are pushed away and subjected to inhumane degradation whilst these immigrants come in and take the best of what they have. Now tell me, why won't they be MADDDD? Why won't they be angry? Why won't they do whatever they have to do to survive? To provide for their mothers, fathers and siblings? I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE for any reason, but when you take away everything necessary for a man/woman to make a honest living, they will have no choice but to turn to the dark side to provide for themselves.
I live in England and I have heard and seen firsthand English people who get angry at the rate of immigration and how black immigrants seem to come into the country and take the best of what they have. The government has implemented measures to reduce immigration to the UK from African countries and there is a lot of racism and hardships for blacks in terms of getting jobs or moving to the top in careers. We complain and moan about it, but at the back of our mind, we empathise or I do anyway. I can't come into another man's country and uproot him out to make myself lord over him and those like him.
It is the same in Nigeria, in the Niger Delta area. All these oil companies go there, take the oil and ruin the land and the indigenes are left to suffer. Forget all the story about building schools and crap. The farmlands are destroyed, many of the rivers can never have fishes and whatever clean and healthy rivers have in them. You can't send a hungry child that has no clothes or shoes to school. How will he/she learn?

Now, as I've been reading all these about blacks in SA, I remembered the shooting incident in this same SA a couple of months ago and the inhumane way the mining workers were treated and how they fought back. As I've said, I do not condone violence, but if I am mining gold or coal or diamonds from my own FATHER'S LAND and yet I am living in abject poverty and when I get the courage to ask in my own father's land for a raise or better working and or living conditions, I am shut up like an annoying child, I will FIGHT. I will not take it.

I am so bloody angry at how blacks are so displaced all over the world. How we are nobodys in the west and nobodys even in our own homes. Indians come over and take our jobs and or become our bosses even though we are better qualified. Let's go to India and see if they'll make a Nigerian or black man bosses in many of their companies.
Shebi, if Nigeria was the Nigeria of the 80s or when things were good, no one wanted to go abroad. People went abroad to study, and most of the time, ALWAYS came back home. Now, people will sell their mother to leave.

It irks me that our leaders are so daft and have little or no intelligence to see all these and don't feel pain and shame for their people. It irks me that for some, it is better to live in a foreign land where at least, they will be able to use their degrees rather than be cast aside for 'oyinbos' who are 'always better' in their own home countries. It irks me that for others, it is better to live in a foreign land where they will be able to see the fruit of their labour no matter how small it is. At least here in the UK, there is racism, but there are laws that 'protect' us from it. Sometimes, these laws don't work and we have to bear the consequences, but I don't know if I will be able to live in my own father's land and be discriminated upon, take it silently and say 'it is well' as we Africans are always wont to say.

ps: my title makes no sense, but it was all I could come up with for now

Friday, 8 February 2013

Not perfect, but a healthy family.

Sooo, even though I said I was going off to make my sarnie and hot chocolate, I kinda deviated into youtube for a minute and I clicked on something that led to something and I saw Mary Mary Season 2 like SAY WHAT?! They have/had a reality TV show? Since when? Why? Everyone seems to be having a reality show now. I don't get why though. I know reality sells. Way too many amebos wanting to know what's going on in other people's lives and I am SOMETIMES like that. I just want to know. It feels good knowing that your family is not as eccentric and bat crazy as you thought. There's another family out there that is worse and you can run your mouth on how bad they are. It feels good, but then the people who are been videoed all day long, don't they feel weird? I'll feel weird to have my privacy taken away (even though technically, I don't think we really have any privacy with big brother, but there's an illusion of one) and cameras and mics all over *shudders* To each their own.

I always wish my family will be perfect. You know, perfect understanding mum, dad and siblings. We're all best friends and confidantes. We live in a big house with a massive garden and a white picket fence (yh, I know, American dream even though I don't live there) but then, we're not. We argue, fight, shout, keep malice and can be horrible to each other. HOWEVER, as one of the sister's in Mary Mary said, 'it's all about healthy and not perfect families' As long as at the end of the day, after having a massive row with my sister, I can text her and say 'I love you even though you're a pest' or I can my mum can draw me in for an awkward hug and tell me she's sorry or my dad can just laugh with you (his signal that he's cool with you) or my brother can get a glass of water from the kitchen to my room even though I've been told him to sod off.
Healthy is fighting and not always meeting each other eye-to-eye on certain or many things, but been able to accept each other, forgive each other and move on past those issues. How boring would my family be if we were the 2.5 family with all the money, love, happiness and no rows with each other? I mean, sometimes, I moan that they don't understand me, which is true, but I have accepted them for who they are. It's not always okay when I feel like WTH. I want a different family or when my sister says I'm an awful sister, but going past all that makes us healthy or close to healthy I think.
A friend came over to stay for Christmas and he said something that made me all warm inside 'I love your family. I love how real you all are to each other from the fighting to the making up. I love you guys.'
When I heard one of the sister's say 'not perfect, but healthy families' it struck a chord with me. We're FAR from perfect, but we love each other and that love enables us to have a healthy and amicable relationship though eccentric.

Anyway, I am going to make that sandwich and hot chocolate now. No youtube or Temple run game.
 Kitchen calls me now.

Toodles for now. 

UPDATE: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, Boj(DRB Las Gidi) - Cruella
I just heard it yesterday whilst trolling the city of Nigerian music in the Nigerian country within planet youtube. I wonder how I'm just hearing it. Then again, I tend to forget about Nigerian songs after a while.

*dancing to kitchen whilst humming don't leave me alone o cruella don't leave me alone cruella...voice fades off*

Random 2

Sooo, Nigeria beat Mali. Burkina Faso beat Ghana. England beat Brazil. Wonders, shall NEVER end. Ohh, I had to rewind the Burkina Faso vs Ghana game to record this moment...
It was an interesting moment. I wish Ghana won though because it'll keep my facebook home page alive and buzzing with insults and fights.

I'm up to date with Scandal. All I can say is 'LAWD HAVE MERCY!' That show is GOOOOOD. You should watch it.
I have been binging on youtube videos. I really need to cut down on it. Youtube is like a really nice bar of snickers. You promise yourself to have ONLY one bar. You finish the one bar and think, you know what, another bar won't hurt and you go on and on like that till you're done with 8 bars in a day. Yes, I eat about 3-4 bars in a go once I start. It's the same for youtube. Once I click to go into that website, then I just can't stop clicking. It's like wikipedia. I love wikipedia. We used to play this game in my sixth form. Basically, you wikipedia a word and then someone gives a final word you have to find through that word. Like wikipedia Apple. From that apple wikipedia page, navigate through it and through other pages till you find the word hydraulic. Yes, we were/are nerds. It's allowed. It was a grammar school. Boring all girls grammar school somewhere in Kent. Anyway, I tend to do that once I go on wikipedia. Hence, I pretty much always have a minimum of 15 tabs open all the time I'm on my laptop.

I'm having a good week. I feel excited. I don't know why or maybe I do, but oh well. I'm off to make me a nice ham and cheese sandwich with a cup of hot chocolate at 3:02am in the morning. Is this right? I swear, I said I wanted to be more healthy this year? Sod it. Sandwich is calling my name.

Toodles. It's 3:03am now. (Why did I have to put that on?)