Friday, 8 February 2013

Not perfect, but a healthy family.

Sooo, even though I said I was going off to make my sarnie and hot chocolate, I kinda deviated into youtube for a minute and I clicked on something that led to something and I saw Mary Mary Season 2 like SAY WHAT?! They have/had a reality TV show? Since when? Why? Everyone seems to be having a reality show now. I don't get why though. I know reality sells. Way too many amebos wanting to know what's going on in other people's lives and I am SOMETIMES like that. I just want to know. It feels good knowing that your family is not as eccentric and bat crazy as you thought. There's another family out there that is worse and you can run your mouth on how bad they are. It feels good, but then the people who are been videoed all day long, don't they feel weird? I'll feel weird to have my privacy taken away (even though technically, I don't think we really have any privacy with big brother, but there's an illusion of one) and cameras and mics all over *shudders* To each their own.

I always wish my family will be perfect. You know, perfect understanding mum, dad and siblings. We're all best friends and confidantes. We live in a big house with a massive garden and a white picket fence (yh, I know, American dream even though I don't live there) but then, we're not. We argue, fight, shout, keep malice and can be horrible to each other. HOWEVER, as one of the sister's in Mary Mary said, 'it's all about healthy and not perfect families' As long as at the end of the day, after having a massive row with my sister, I can text her and say 'I love you even though you're a pest' or I can my mum can draw me in for an awkward hug and tell me she's sorry or my dad can just laugh with you (his signal that he's cool with you) or my brother can get a glass of water from the kitchen to my room even though I've been told him to sod off.
Healthy is fighting and not always meeting each other eye-to-eye on certain or many things, but been able to accept each other, forgive each other and move on past those issues. How boring would my family be if we were the 2.5 family with all the money, love, happiness and no rows with each other? I mean, sometimes, I moan that they don't understand me, which is true, but I have accepted them for who they are. It's not always okay when I feel like WTH. I want a different family or when my sister says I'm an awful sister, but going past all that makes us healthy or close to healthy I think.
A friend came over to stay for Christmas and he said something that made me all warm inside 'I love your family. I love how real you all are to each other from the fighting to the making up. I love you guys.'
When I heard one of the sister's say 'not perfect, but healthy families' it struck a chord with me. We're FAR from perfect, but we love each other and that love enables us to have a healthy and amicable relationship though eccentric.

Anyway, I am going to make that sandwich and hot chocolate now. No youtube or Temple run game.
 Kitchen calls me now.

Toodles for now. 

UPDATE: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, Boj(DRB Las Gidi) - Cruella
I just heard it yesterday whilst trolling the city of Nigerian music in the Nigerian country within planet youtube. I wonder how I'm just hearing it. Then again, I tend to forget about Nigerian songs after a while.

*dancing to kitchen whilst humming don't leave me alone o cruella don't leave me alone cruella...voice fades off*


  1. The beauty of Nigerian families is the fact that even though we are not perfect, we have healthy favorite reality show will be Tia and Tamera...those sisters makes me wanna have twins.

    1. It is true for some Nigerian families. I liked them in Sister sister, but I'm not a big fan of reality shows. I think I saw it on TV once or twice. Didn't tickle my fancy. Hope you are well?

  2. I dnt think any family cn b perfect, reality shows r more like acting to me**my opinion** was addicted 2 temple run too, till my phone** :(

    lovely blog... cn we follow each other? :)

    1. I do think that there is a measure of acting included in reality shows. I agree with you. Have you played Temple Run 2? It's brilliant. Sorry about your phone. I felt a bit lost without mine when it was to taken to be repaired.

      Yes, we can follow each other :-)

  3. All those so called reality shows are just full of acting joor..

    No family is perfect anyways and really, that's what makes each family special and unique..
    Like I once read somewhere,..'Family is like music. Some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song'

  4. Haha. I agree. 'Family is like music. Some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song.'
    It's a lovely quote that I will try to remember when I'm pissed off with everyone at home. Thanks for commenting and for the quote Ay. :-)

  5. I'm yet to find a perfect family. There's none really. We all have a measure of that dysfunction. The beauty of it is how we accept each other in the end. Temple Run 2 is awesome!


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