Friday, 8 February 2013

Random 2

Sooo, Nigeria beat Mali. Burkina Faso beat Ghana. England beat Brazil. Wonders, shall NEVER end. Ohh, I had to rewind the Burkina Faso vs Ghana game to record this moment...
It was an interesting moment. I wish Ghana won though because it'll keep my facebook home page alive and buzzing with insults and fights.

I'm up to date with Scandal. All I can say is 'LAWD HAVE MERCY!' That show is GOOOOOD. You should watch it.
I have been binging on youtube videos. I really need to cut down on it. Youtube is like a really nice bar of snickers. You promise yourself to have ONLY one bar. You finish the one bar and think, you know what, another bar won't hurt and you go on and on like that till you're done with 8 bars in a day. Yes, I eat about 3-4 bars in a go once I start. It's the same for youtube. Once I click to go into that website, then I just can't stop clicking. It's like wikipedia. I love wikipedia. We used to play this game in my sixth form. Basically, you wikipedia a word and then someone gives a final word you have to find through that word. Like wikipedia Apple. From that apple wikipedia page, navigate through it and through other pages till you find the word hydraulic. Yes, we were/are nerds. It's allowed. It was a grammar school. Boring all girls grammar school somewhere in Kent. Anyway, I tend to do that once I go on wikipedia. Hence, I pretty much always have a minimum of 15 tabs open all the time I'm on my laptop.

I'm having a good week. I feel excited. I don't know why or maybe I do, but oh well. I'm off to make me a nice ham and cheese sandwich with a cup of hot chocolate at 3:02am in the morning. Is this right? I swear, I said I wanted to be more healthy this year? Sod it. Sandwich is calling my name.

Toodles. It's 3:03am now. (Why did I have to put that on?) 


  1. My guilty pleasure is late-night cereal. *covers face*.

  2. Abeg uncover your face jawe. At least it's not something like eba. Imagine waking up at 2am and going to eat eba and soup. That'll be hardcore.


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