Thursday, 23 May 2013

I tire!

As a muslim, you must obey the law of the land, but if the law contradicts your your faith or religious beliefs it's VERY VERY simple. LEAVE! Move somewhere that accommodates your beliefs. Saudi Arabia is there. No?

When an idiot believes it's right to hack someone to death to pass across a message of his religion, then that's madness. Then again, what can we say when that's what the religion teaches or biko, someone explain why it always has to be muslims to me. Kmt.
I am aware that not all Muslims are crazy like this dude who hacked the poor soldier to death in Woolwich,  but when there is negativity and evil attached to a religion, it makes it so difficult to see past that.
It's still difficult for me to get over Boko Haram and their stupidness in Nigeria. Then there's Boston and now Woolwich.
I wonder when Muslims clamouring for Sharia law in Britain will learn that it is a Christian nation and it will never happen.  Why force your religion down the throat of people who have welcomed you into their land. I don't see Christians or Hindus or Buddhists fighting and killing for the laws in Saudi or Pakistan or Iran to be change to suit their religious beliefs.

It is scary when people can easily detach themselves from their conscience and try to validate killings of people for religious purposes and then turn around and tell me 'religion of peace'. My mum is a former muslim. Her family members including her parents are still muslims. She herself said it's scary the way some muslims will kill for the religion. It's like they become someone else. That's not right. You can't go about killing people and then want me to revert to your religion.
Again, I am well aware that not all muslims are like this, but deep down, are they or aren't they?

The idiot apparently is British Nigerian. The joys. People like this thing are reasons why blacks and Nigerians in particular are treated like crap. We wonder why our people are been racially abused in schools and trains and buses. We take offence when the indigenes scream obscenities at us and tell us to go back to our countries. We  take one step forward, thinking we are making progress as a race and then gbam an idiot take us 100 backwards.

I would hate to be living in SE London at this time. To think I was planning on going to London next week to hang out with friends. My mum gave me this stern look that said young lady, you are not leaving this city to go to anywhere. I don't even feel comfortable going again anyway.
I guess black boys should get used to the idea of being stopped and searched.

I am so flipping angry right now. Nothing makes sense anymore. Then again, driving purposely off the road to hit someone wearing a 'help for heroes' t-shirt, dragging him to the middle of the road and hacking him to death in front of a primary school is not what normal people do regardless of religion. It's not supposed to make sense.

PS: I am going to scream at the next person who sends me one those chain mails about being proud of 'our GREAT country Nigeria'. Nigeria ain't great. It WAS great at some point. The earlier people begin to stop fooling themselves and be honest and realise and accept that Nigeria is not great anymore and then start trying to fix that once great country, the better for it and for us as Nigerians.