Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Summer update and randoms (as usual).

Yeah, I've not been on here in a while. A long while.

Anyway, I decided to binge watch and catch up with all my favourite shows- Modern family, Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory.
Modern family and BBT make me smile. They're so comfortable and heart warming. They're my feel good shows.
GA- I can't believe Heather is dead :-( . I thought she was annoying when she was first introduced to the show alongside the newbies, but she grew on me like April did. Should Shane be guilty or grateful that she died in his place? I guess both. He lied to her and she being a good, naive and obedient (yeah) girl, did as she was told or more accurately lied to and died. Her death reminded me of how important GOOD and true friends are. Not worth having acquaintances labelled as friends. Selah.
Bailey's teary 'Praise Jesus, you didn't  rupture his aorta' was so aww...
The stand-off between Yang and Bailey made me chuckle. Bailey told Yang that she's the fellow and therefore makes the decision. Yang replied with a bangitybang 'I own this hospital. You work for me.'
No comeback for that :-D
In all, the season's premier was bittersweet.
Oh well. It's a show. I've still not gotten round to watching last season's final episode of Scandal. I've had enough drama for tonight.

Summer was a mix of different emotions and activities. A couple of weddings, a bit of gallivanting around the country, falling in love with Edinburgh and dreaming of moving there should my family learn to live without me, a few minor fall-outs, lots of wedding/marriage/'it'll be your turn soon' conversations, long journeys some major fall-outs, Spanish, eye-opening experiences on human behaviours, really HOT summer days and uncomfortable nights, part-time jobs, rain, being a MoH, failed repeated attempts at reading Tess of the d'urbervilles, temple run 2, lots of walking, flowers, being friends or something akin to that with people I thought of as 'annoying', lots of telephone conversations, ignoring people :-D, Church, candy crush saga, country side, more weddings and the best, answer to a prayer that had been prayed for a VERY LONG TIME.
Yep, Summer was good. It weren't too bad at all.

I finished Temple run 2. I promise you I did. I uninstalled it and I'm re-playing it again. I'm already on level 8. I'd forgotten how tedious and boring this level is. Oh well. I finish what I start or I try to anyway.

School is back on. I'm glad. Had a conversation on an aspect of engineering that I found interesting. I've been thinking a lot about it. I'm not particularly great with the sciences. I just like knowing stuff. I like knowing about how the theoretical part of science is used in real life. I'm not too keen on just the theory. Sigh. More choices and decisions to make. My mum and dad will probably kill me if they can read my mind. Not that I'm really bothered bothered bothered. I'll love to make furniture if I could, but I've gotten to accept that it'll be something I'll do as a hobby and not a career. The next best thing is building houses. Structural engineering is fun to know about, but will practicing it be fun too? Too much officey work drawing and talking. I want to be doing not talking.
I'll think about all these later.

Sooo... I've become a bit lax on the spiritual side. That's not true. Very lax. I'm just so meh.

I think I'm becoming way too cynical and it's not cool. How do I stop being cynical? I'll google it.

I read this and paraphrased, it said, 'Not trusting God will lead to a loneliness that human love cannot take away'

This has been on repeat for a few weeks. It's made and it makes me smile.

We’re all gonna die. We don’t get much say over how or when. But we do get to decide how we’re gonna live. So do it. Decide. Is this the life you wanna live? Is this the person you wanna love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out, and decide.
Richard Webber - ‘Seal Our Fate’
(Season 10, Episode 1)

It's me again with my random and very uncollected thoughts... :-)


  1. Hmmm...so random..:D
    Looks like you had so much fun and stuff to learn over the summer...

    Like the last part... we really 'don't get much say over how or when' we will die... Me I say 'live every blessed day like it's your last'. Not easy, but God help us

  2. about cynicism, I try to get better about it everyday. Its really a defense mechanism but its isolating. I try to open up my heart everyday

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